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At Greentech Energy Australia, we combine a passion for sustainability with quality components and business acumen; a mix that turns every one of our big and small solar installations into thriving investments. We specialize in renewable energy consultancy, photovoltaic engineering, electrical engineering, energy efficiency audits, financial feasibility analysis and the integration of solutions.

Our wide and varied customer base ranges from home owners and schools to other community organizations and businesses. We have fostered key strategic finance partnerships with CBA, NAB and Westpac as well as the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and can offer comprehensive turn-key solutions with industry-leading project finance. We take pride in empowering our diverse range of clients who enjoy huge reductions in operating costs and are moving towards energy independence. Our team consists of talented, even prize-winning electrical engineers, skilled installers from around the country, qualified finance experts as well as knowledgeable sales and customer service staff.

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Solar Services For Business

Commercial Solar Power

Mature technology and finance options that deliver positive cash flow from day one.

Electrical Engineering

Solar PV consulting, engineering and installation for grid-connected.

LED Lighting

Switching to LEDs is an easy way to reduce your electricity demand.

Solar Hot water & Heat Pumps

One of the simplest ways for businesses to save money on electricity bills.

Solar Irrigation

Solar powered pumps are versatile, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable.

Asset Management Package

We have all the know-how to manage your solar investment in the future.


Other Solar Services

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Designing off-grid solar systems requires a high level of skill and knowledge as well as a good understanding of the client’s.

Solar for Schools

Solar Schools create important real-life learning environments for sustainability and monitor electricity consumption .

Solar And Battery Systems Design

Greentech Energy providing technical support and solar system design services for our systems from our experienced partners.

Energy Management

Greentech Energy Vital tools to achieve significant savings in electricity consumption and utility bills.

Energy Monitoring & Audits

Energy Audits can form part of our consulting process to help us how can achieve the most savings in electricity bills.

Embedded Networks & Microgrids

We can set up and integrate embedded networks and microgrids to further increase the benefits of solar power.


Solar Services For Homes

Solar Power Panels

Each panel consists of a series of solar cells that capture the sun’s light, releasing electrons within internal PV conductors generating clean, renewable power for your home and your family.

Solar Inverters

Greentech Energy Solargain will help you with your inverter repairs or assist you with your warranty claim. We are the preferred service partners for many reputable solar power companies.

Home Battery System

Solar home battery systems put the power back in control of the consumer helping to deliver your home clean solar energy day and night, while further reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Solar Panel Installation

We only use solar installation professionals and tradespeople that have been accredited by the Clean Energy Council. This also ensures that all products we install for our customers.

Hybrid Solar Power

Hybrids systems can include backup systems, which continue to function when the grid is down, as well as systems that will not work when the grid is down. During power outages is a great benefit.

Finance Options

We understand that people who need solar the most, are often the ones unable to afford it. That is why we offer a few alternative ways of purchasing a solar system for customers.


Our Unique Products

Greentech Energy uses two types of batteries for solar electricity storage: Lead-acid (also called gel or AGM) and Lithium-ion (as well as lithium-ion’s relatively new cousin, lithium-iron-phosphate) technology. When it comes to choosing the right battery for your situation, Greentech Energy will take into account a variety of factors. Budget, ambient temperatures, available space, usage patterns and what type of solar panel and inverter you choose are all important considerations when we match up your system’s battery storage.

Using Batteries Brands

Tesla & LG

Rather than just selling and installing solar panels, we are committed to make your entire home or business more energy efficient. This approach will save you money and lower your carbon emissions at the same time. The switch to LED (Light-emitting diodes) lighting in your home, business or operation is an integral part of your strategy towards lower power bills. The reasons for our love of LED’s are manifold – did you know, for example, that conventional lights use anything up to 90% more power than LED’s while having a much shorter lifetime.

Product Category

Commercial LED Lighting & Mining, Roads & Civil Lighting

The solar mounting system provides the base of your solar system, ensuring its efficiency and your return of investment. Mounting systems are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel and provide the structural support to protect your solar panels from wind-induced failure and other potential weather hazards. Solar mounting systems can be customized to suit any photovoltaic (PV) project by changing the orientation, elevation and angle of the solar array to maximize its energy productivity.

Types of Work

Solar Roof Mounting & Car Parks & Ground Mounts

On top of excellent energy productivity and the ability to withstand cyclones, solar panels also need to be proven safe. We need to remember that powerful amounts of electricity are being channeled through your solar PV system, so you want to be sure that your panels have been subject to stringent quality control procedures to ensure your safety and that of your home or business.

Type of Solar Panels Brands

SunPower, Canadian Solar, REC Solar, LG Electronics, Phono Solar

Choosing a quality inverter that is exactly right for your project is crucial for receiving maximum return on your investment. Inverters have shorter life spans and warranties than solar panels, five to ten years as opposed to 25-30 years, and are usually the most expensive part of a system. Going with a quality inverter is definitely worth it in the long term – we have seen many customers pick premium panels and a cheap inverter, which jeopardizes the performance of the entire system.

Types of Inverters

Off-Grid Inverte, Grid-Connected Inverters, Hybrid Inverters, Central Inverters


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